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SG1 Slash

Jack/Daniel is my Stargate OTP. Pairings will only be given if there's another pairing included as well. All drabbles are 100 words.


Cairo Waits
Category: drabble series, character study, established relationship, some smut
Spoilers: none
Rating: PG - NC17
Warnings: smut, torture
Pub Date: June to August 2006
Summary: A series of drabbles beginning with the line "He liked it best when he dreamed of Cairo," and, hopefully, ending with "Cairo waited". A self-challenge of sorts.
On the Shores of Sleep
Mood: comfort
A Safe Haven
Mood: refuge
Warning: torture
Slow Hot Wind
Mood: lust

Daniel's Musings
Category: character study, established relationship, humor, PWP, romance, smarm
Spoilers: none
Rating: PG for language
Warnings: references to adult situations
Pub Date:
Summary: A series of short ficlets wherein Daniel muses on life, the universe and Jack. Well, mostly on Jack.
The Language of Kisses
Word count: 600
Summary: Daniel muses on the meanings behind Jack's kisses.
Too Good to be True
Word count: 761
Summary: Daniel muses on one of Jack's odder, if endearing, quirks. Not that Daniel will ever admit it in public.

Category: established relationship, PWP, romance, smarm
Spoilers: none
Rating: NC17
Warnings: sap, smut
Pub Date: January 2008
Summary: Jack, Daniel, downtime.
Word count: 440
Summary: The guys go to bed. Sleep happens. Pure fluff.
Good Morning, Baby
Word count: 785
Summary: Jack gets their downtime off to a "rousing" start.
Hallmark Moments
Word count: 1726
Summary: Food, foreplay and Manly Men who are consistently surprised by how sappy they can get.

Category: drabble, established relationship
Spoilers: none
Rating: R
Warnings: smut (off-screen)
Pub Date: April 2006
Summary: What people really think about during meetings.
One of *Those* Meetings
Summary: Just a guy stuck in a meeting
Elsewhere in the SGC
Summary: Just another guy stuck in a meeting
The Briefing
Summary: Teammate musings during a briefing

The Alternate Course of True Love
Category: alternate universe, established relationship, humor, parody
Spoilers: none
Rating: R
Warnings: BDSM (sorta ;-), role play
Pub Date: July 2006, September 2006
Summary: A parody of sidlj's Striking Image universe. Jack and Daniel have an interesting problem.
The Problem
Word count: 596
Summary: When love is true, but kinks are incompatible.
The Solution: Plan A
Word count: 1416
Summary: Plan A never works.
The Solution: Plan B
Word count: 1457
Summary: On to Plan B.

The Stand Alones

5 Times Sam and Daniel Went Out
Category: five things, angst, character study, drama, friendship, hurt/comfort, missing scene
Spoilers: anything in the first seven seasons
Rating: G
Word count: 3573
Warnings: none
Pub Date: March 2008
Summary: Five episode tags that highlight Sam and Daniel's friendship throughout most of the first 7 seasons.

A Lucky Man
Category: PWP
Spoilers: Anytime Jack's a general
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 541
Warnings: voyeurism, threeway
Pub Date: August 2007
Summary: A Daniel from another universe visits... shower smut ensues.

Battle Cry
Category: angst, hurt/comfort, character study, established relationship
Spoilers: none
Rating: PG13
Word count: 5867
Warnings: aftermath of battle
Pub Date: August 2007
Summary: In war, there are no unwounded soldiers. ~José Narosky

Four Times (not including alien influence) Jack and Daniel Almost Came to Blows, and One Time They Did.
Category: 5 things, angst, established relationship, humor, missing scene
Spoilers: CoTG to just prior to the start of S8.
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 2930
Warnings: none
Pub Date: July 2008
Summary: A 5 Things entry.

In the Company of Men
Category: mirror universe, angst, first time, established relationship, mpreg
Pairing: J/D, Alt!J/Alt!D/OMC/OMC, J/D/OMC/OMC
Spoilers: Takes place just after Fall Out.
Rating: NC17
Word count: 167,433
Warnings: dub-con
Pub Date: March 2006
Summary: The NID "failed" to destroy the quantum mirror. SG1 do a little research with it and learn what might have happened had Nirrti come in ships before the SGC got off the ground.

Letter Home
Category: missing scene
Spoilers: Insiders
Rating: G
Word count: 530
Warnings: none
Pub Date: August 2006
Summary: A plausible explanation for the episode "Insiders". Goodness knows there was nothing plausible about what we saw on the screen.

Little Pieces
Category: drabble, established relationship
Spoilers: none
Rating: G
Warnings: none
Pub Date: May 2006
Summary: Jack realizes something.

Love Hurts
Category: drabble, established relationship, humor, h/c
Spoilers: none
Rating: G
Warnings: none
Pub Date: August 2007
Summary: The cost of keeping it interesting.

Men in Tights
Category: holiday, humor, pre-first time
Spoilers: none
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 3041
Warnings: none
Pub Date: October 2006
Summary: Just a couple of guys, some Halloween costumes and a Fairy God Sergeant.

The Burning
Category: PWP, first time
Spoilers: none
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 900
Warnings: trends slightly to dark
Pub Date: August 2009
Summary: For some, love is like fire and fire consumes everything in its path.

The Conversation
Category: humor, pre-first time
Spoilers: none
Rating: G
Word count: 151
Warnings: none
Pub Date: January 2007
Summary: How the guys would really get together.

The Dichotomy Paradox
Category: angst, established relationship
Spoilers: none
Rating: R
Word count: 401
Warnings: none
Pub Date: January 2009
Author Notes: Written for the prompt "distance".
Summary: Sometimes, Daniel thinks too much.

Wardrobe Love
Category: crack!fic
Spoilers: none
Pairing: J/D implied, other/other - too twisted to type (I'd call it slash, but the main characters don't care for that particular word, for obvious reasons).
Rating: painfully G for us primates; probably R if you're a coat hanger.
Word count: 199
Warnings: anyone with fiber-sex aversions should probably steer clear. Also, if you're in the garment industry... just no.
Pub Date: October 2007
Summary: The secret lives, and loves, of Jack's and Daniel's clothing.

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